Survey analysis BB48 May 2002
The May survey asked for views on UK entry to the Euro, reflections on starting a business, aspects of staffing and pressure of competition, – and the World Cup.

Survey analysis BB47 April 2002
Following the announcement of budget measures affecting smaller businesses, the April Survey asked for views on the likely overall impact. It also included questions on Cost Increases, Bonus Schemes, Pay Settlements, Business Advice and U.S. Export Orders.

Survey analysis BB46 March 2002
The March Survey looked at changing attitudes to investment and sought the panellists' views on networking, postal deliveries and the issue of home working.

Survey analysis BB45 February 2002
This months Survey looks at the impact of Insurance cost increases, availability of spare capacity, and whether grants and subsidies influence investment plans. Aspects of the Internet, Broadband and ICT are also surveyed, plus our core trends questions.

Survey analysis BB44 January 2002
The first survey of 2002 focused on innovation, trains, the impact of Christmas holidays and the incidence of illness in the workforce.

Survey analysis BB43 December 2001
It is claimed that consumer spending is sustaining the UK economy. In survey BB43, December 2001, we focused on sales, stocks and investment plans.

Survey analysis BB42 November 2001
In the light of recent discussions on the Euro and the implications for business, survey 42 asked about your preparations for its continental wide introduction on January 1st 2002.

Survey analysis BB41 October 2001
In the light of world events over the last few weeks, the October survey set out to assess the impact of increased economic uncertainty upon different aspects of business experiences and strategies.

Survey analysis BB40 September 2001
The Setember survey sought views and experiences on a number of issues including current talk of recession, recruitment issues, and questions on the turnover of computer and telecoms equipment amongst panellists.

Survey analysis BB39 August 2001
The August survey looked at the impact on businesses of the holiday season and also enquired into two areas of recruitment - the ease of recruiting graduates and the significance of the age of recruits.

Survey analysis BB38 July 2001
The July Survey topical questions related to the declared intentions of the Government to make it easier for smaller businesses to become suppliers to the public sector. The other area of attention in July was business to business Internet based trading. We compared the results with the same questions asked back in March 2000, to see whether use of the Internet by our respondents for trading is growing.

Survey analysis BB37 June 2001
UKBB Panellists'views on how pressures on profit margins are currently changing for smaller businesses and what they believe may lie ahead. It also examines recent cash availability and familiarity with Intellectual Property issues.

Survey analysis BB36 May 2001
UKBB Panellists'views on what influences Investment planning, about Export orders and the issue of Security and Crime.

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