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quarterly trends data

Each quarter, the UK Business Barometer asks five core questions on the following themes:

  • Skill Shortages
  • Lack of Finance
  • Low Market Demand
  • Recent and Expected Growth

The resultant charts show how the survey results have changed for these questions over time.

Charts can be accessed via the links listed below and allow results to be viewed incorporating all respondents (summary), or broken down by company type (sector) or company size (measured by turnover)

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Skill Shortages

Skill Shortages Summary

Skill Shortages by Turnover

Skill Shortages by Sector

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Finance Summary

Finance by Turnover

Finance by Sector

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Low Market Demand

Low Market Demand Summary

Low Market Demand by turnover

Low Market Demand by Sector

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Growth over last three months

Growth Summary

Growth by Turnover

Growth by Sector

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Expected Growth - next three months

Expected Growth Summary

Expected Growth by Turnover

Expected Growth by Sector