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quarterly trends analysis

Survey analysis BB100 September 2006
For the September survey we invited panellists to give their views on training for innovation, employees resistance to change in organisational culture, the new fire regulations, "The customer is always right" and graduates applying for non graduate vacancies. We also asked "Are young people attracted to your industry in sufficient numbers?" and this month also included the usual quarterly trends questions.

Survey analysis BB99 August 2006
The themes of the 99th UK Business Barometer Survey were: drawing on MPs and/or councils for business help, the July heat wave, corporate social responsibility, wages, keeping in touch with work whilst on holiday, sales strategy, how entrepreneurs are regarded, how business failure is regarded, public procurement for smaller businesses, the driving force behind small business and what makes panellists most irate when trying to run their businesses successfully.

Survey analysis BB98 July 2006
July's survey asked for views on the biggest threat facing the UK economy, banking, tolerance of late payment, training needs, internet search engines, gathering tacit knowledge and online 'Health Checks'/Reviewing tools' for business.

Survey analysis BB97 June 2006
In the June 2006 survey we invited panellists to give their views on dealing with complaints, truthfulness and trust in business, small business rate relief and websites plus the quarterly trends questions.

Survey analysis BB96 May 2006
The May survey invited views on stimulating business, online purchases, flexible working hours, consultants, economic crime, trade shows and employing workers from the new EU accession countries.

Survey analysis BB95 April 2006
The April survey asks a series of questions posed by the Bank of England, which offer the opportunity to examine issues such as pre tax profit margins, growth of costs, working up to capacity and changes in numbers of employees. Also included are questions on the depiction of business in programmes such as 'The Apprentice' and 'Dragon's Den', media coverage for smaller businesses, trade association membership and environmental sustainability issues.

Survey analysis BB94 March 2006
The March survey sought views on the latest marketing "must dos", online tax returns, monitoring competitors' prices, dealing with suppliers, raising the value of the Business Barometer experience, guiding RDA business support strategies plus the quarterly trends questions.The trends charts from the responses to the regular quarterly questions, analysed by size of firm and sector, can be accessed via the 'Trends' link on the ukbb 'Home' page.

Survey analysis BB93 February 2006
February's survey sought panellists' views on increases in energy prices, price setting, Diversity training, team building, fuel expenditure, research & development expenditure, the Job Centre's 'work/trial' scheme, late payment, seeking additional finance, cigarette breaks, 'Enterprising Britain' and the best way forward on waste.

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