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BB108 May 2007 Collated May 2007
May’s survey seeks your views on what is the most important problem facing your business, what is important for stimulating business, a series of questions on the theme of advice, business plans, the ‘buzz’ of entrepreneurship plus, retirement and other work related questions.

BB107 April 2007 Collated April 2007
The April survey revisits a series of questions posed in June 2005 on behalf of government on the subject of New Product Development. Also included this month are questions on pre-tax profit margins, capacity, the medium to long term future plus, what you would do if you had the use of an expert for the day.

BB106 March 2007 Collated March 2007
March’s survey seeks your views on unpaid labour, blogs and podcasts, volatility in the world’s stock markets, British Summer Time, Seasonal Affective Disorder, corporate identity theft and monitoring competitors’ prices plus the quarterly trends questions.

BB105-February 2007 Collated February 2007
February’s survey seeks your views on business continuity, insurance, the environment and green credentials, alternatives to ‘face to face’ meetings and grants plus a question on Intellectual Property and competitive advantage.

BB104 January 2007 Collated January 2007
The first survey of 2007 looks at the supplier/customer relationship, starting a business and familiarity with WiFi. Your view is also sought on school leavers and graduates and the value they bring to business.

BB103 December 2006 Collated December 2006
The December survey seeks your views on responsibilities that banks have to their smaller business customers, comparing the charges and services of alternative banks, upgrading your IT system and ‘WiFi’ technology plus the usual quarterly trends questions.

BB102 November 2006 Collated November 2006
The November survey seeks your views on cash flow, pension reforms and investment, road pricing schemes, ‘Family friendly’ policies, changing banks, email access, business websites and two questions on the subject of running/managing a business.

BB101 October 2006 Collated October 2006
The October survey, seeks your views on the National Minimum Wage, the Royal Mail’s new tariff, literacy and numeracy, government provided training, R&D; tax credits, employment legislation, multiple suppliers and unpaid invoices.

BB100 September 2006 Collated September 2006
The September survey seeks your views on training for innovation, employees resistance to change in organisational culture, the new fire regulations, “The customer is always right” and graduates applying for non graduate vacancies. We also ask “Are young people attracted to your industry in sufficient numbers?” and this month sees the usual quarterly trends questions.

BB99 August 2006 Collated August 2006
The August survey asks for your views on consulting your MP and/or council, the July heat wave, corporate social responsibility, wages, keeping in touch with work whilst on holiday, sales strategy, how entrepreneurs are regarded, how business failure is regarded, public procurement for smaller businesses, the driving force behind small business and what makes you most irate when trying to run your business successfully.

BB98 July 2006 Collated July 2006
July’s survey seeks your views on the biggest threat facing the UK economy, banking, tolerance of late payment, training needs, internet search engines, gathering tacit knowledge and online ‘Health Checks’/Reviewing tools’ for business.

BB97 June 2006 Collated June 2006
The June survey seeks your views on dealing with complaints, truthfulness, trust, small business rate relief, websites and sectors plus the quarterly trends questions.

BB96 May 2006 Collated May 2006
The May survey seeks your views on stimulating business, online purchases, flexible working hours, consultants, economic crime, trade shows and employing workers from the new EU accession countries.

BB95 April 2006 Collated April 2006
The April survey asks a series of questions posed by the Bank of England, which offer the opportunity to examine issues such as pre tax profit margins, growth of costs, working up to capacity and changes in numbers of employees. Also included are questions on the depiction of business in programmes such as ‘The Apprentice’ and ‘Dragon’s Den’, media coverage for smaller businesses, trade association membership and environmental sustainability issues.

BB94 March 2006 Collated March 2006
This month’s survey seeks your views on, the latest marketing “must do’s”, online tax returns, monitoring competitors’ prices, dealing with suppliers, negotiating with your suppliers, raising the value of the Business Barometer experience, guiding RDA business support strategies plus the quarterly trends questions.

BB93 February 2006 Collated February 2006
February’s survey seeks your views on increases in energy prices, price setting, Diversity training, team building, fuel expenditure, research & development expenditure, the Job Centre’s ‘work/trial’ scheme, late payment, seeking additional finance, cigarette breaks, ‘Enterprising Britain’ and the best way forward on waste.

BB92 January 2006 Collated January 2006
The first survey of 2006 seeks your views on insurance cover for temporary incapacity, dependency upon IT, time set aside for own training, outsourcing administrative services , accredited business advice and its confidentiality.

BB91 December 2005 Collated December 2005
The December survey seeks your views on encouraging exporting, upcoming Employment Equality Regulations, effective management styles, stock levels, the main source of concern for your business plus the quarterly trends questions.

BB90 November 2005 Collated November 2005
A shorter version of the survey for November with six questions asking for views on security problems, payment behaviour, cashflow, trading online and market research.

BB89 October 2005 Collated October 2005
The October survey seeks your views on key influences on a firm’s growth rate, the National Minimum Wage, marketing costs, business advice and expertise, time allowed for strategic matters and the medium to long term economic future compared to a year ago.

BB88 September 2005 Collated September 2005
The September survey seeks your views on graduates as entrepreneurs, externally provided business advice, evaluating strategic matters, collateral, A levels as an indicator of ability, ‘yob culture’ as it affects business, unreported crime, sporting success and an enthusiastic and positive attitude to work plus the usual quarterly trends questions.

BB87 August 2005 Collated August 2005
The August survey asks a series of questions posed by Bank of England and Government Office, which offer the opportunity to examine issues such as investment in plant and equipment, pre tax profit margins, growth of costs, working up to capacity and changes in numbers of full time equivalent employees. Also included are questions on upgrading your computer hardware, the user friendliness of modern technology and the recent increase in oil prices.

BB86 July 2005 Collated July 2005
The July survey seeks your views on risk management, insurance cover, ecommunication and the importance of face to face meetings, ecommunication and traveling, , graduates, accounting and auditing, high street sales and capturing new ideas from your employees.

BB85 Collated June 2005
The June survey looks further at a theme aired in the April survey, that of New Product Development; touching upon aspects such as product/service design, available advice, intellectual property, external experts, finance for developing new products/services/processes and associated limiting factors This month also sees the return of the quarterly trends questions.

BB84 Collated May 2005
The May survey seeks your views on stimulating business, purchasing online, the National Minimum Wage, the working time directive, contingency planning, alterpreneur or entrepreneur? number of hours worked, family commitments, growing your customer base, bank holidays and cheque processing delays.

BB83 Collated April 2005
For the April survey, we invite your views on the UK road infrastructure, training needs analyses, ‘elearning’, the best route to greater growth, local business crime prevention initiatives, follow up questions on media coverage for smaller businesses, managing waste paper, breaking for lunch and developing new products/services.

BB82 Collated March 2005
For the March survey, we invite your views on yesterday’s budget speech, strategic decisions in the light of the upcoming General Election, strategic planning, keeping in touch with contacts and temporary staff plus the quarterly trends questions.

BB81 Collated February 2005
The February survey asks for you views on late payment, switching banks, vacancies, training, projected sales, conditions in your sector, the “collapse of the Internet” and use of sector/business membership organisations.

BB80 Collated January 2005
The first Barometer survey of 2005 seeks your views on growth aspirations for your business, types of legislation as constraint or encouragement for growth, sources of advice by type and your preferred beverage throughout the day.

BB79 Collated December 2004
December’s survey asks you to name a single issue of concern and seeks your views on Work/Life balance, management style, stock levels, computer glitches, your IT skills and authors of computer software. The quarterly trends questions are also included.

BB78 Collated November 2004
November’s survey asks for your views on Internet Banking, running a business, the New Company Law Bill, continuing membership of the EU, data back up, changes to the retirement age, Profit Margins and Business Skills - a compulsory subject in schools?

BB77 Collated October 2004
October’s survey asks for your views on the ‘single most important problem’ confronting your business, new dismissal rules, annual sales, the increase in the National Minimum Wage, changes to your premises, use of government e-services, your business’s approach to unsolicited phone calls, crime against businesses and discussing business matters with other small business owners/managers?

BB76 Collated September 2004
September’s survey asks for your views on developing new product ideas, current account interest, second mortgages, easier access to university research and working to capacity plus the quarterly trends questions.

BB75 Collated August 2004
The August survey asks for your views on investment in plant & equipment, reinvesting profits, transfer of ownership, research & development tax credit, holidays and abuse from customers.

BB74 Collated July 2004
The July survey asks for your views on Creative Problem Solving techniques, work based learning and to rank various aspects of government service.

BB73 Collated June 2004
The June survey asks for your views on references, pressure on pay, profitability, expected change in the level of Full Time Equivalent jobs, seeking advice on Corporate Social Responsibility and on environmental and sustainability issues plus the usual quarterly trends questions.

BB72 Collated May 2004
May’s survey asks for your views on EU enlargement, the quality of the postal service, credit as it affects sales and orders, recruitment and staff retention and the extension of the Telephone Preference Service.

BB71 Collated April 2004
April’s survey asks for your views on Time Management, use of the Internet, the ‘Paperless’ office, Environmental Sustainability, Smoking in the workplace and keeping up to date with government regulations.

BB70 Collated March 2004
The March survey asks for your views upon absenteeism, insurance, the Budget, risk of failing and entrepreneurship ‘running in the family’.

BB69 Collated February 2004
February's survey looks at the Issue of regulation and asks for views on areas of regulation, the impact of regulation and reducing the impact of regulation.

BB68 Collated January 2004
The January survey asks for your views on sales, business expectations for 2004, the ‘terrorist threat’, stress related illnesses in the workplace, health, age and productivity growth.

BB-67 Collated December 2003
The December survey seeks your views on union recognition, new product development and marketing.

BB-66 Collated November 2003
November’s survey asks for your views on recent profit margins, holdings, borrowing, call centres, banks, meetings and email?

BB65 Collated October 2003
The October survey asks for your views on contact with universities, crime and security, buying via the Internet, road and rail traffic conditions, meetings, smaller businesses and party conference proceedings, start up advice and scheduling regular exercise.

BB-64 Collated September 2003
September’s survey asks for your views on delayed payment, expectations, credentials and qualifications, computer based viruses, absenteeism and the quarterly trends questions.

BB-63 Collated August 2003
The emphasis in the August survey is on Skills and Externally sourced Training.

BB-62 Collated July 2003
The July survey asks for your views on job satisfaction, the EU campaign on business opportunities, your long term strategy, investment plans, would you recommend starting a business, risk management procedures, filling key positions, attracting and retaining staff, Sunny climes - Sunny times, current use of email and payment extensions.

BB-61 Collated June 2003
June’s survey seeks your views on the Euro Referendum, new jobs, business advice, business ‘clusters’ and labour market flexibility.

BB-60 Collated May 2003
The May survey seeks your views on the Euro, commercial property prices, time off for leisure, hard to fill vacancies, new jobs, visits to UKBB and UK Business Adviser Barometer websites and regional sales.

BB-59 Collated April 2003
The April survey seeks your views on the budget, credit arrangements, Internet use, seeking advice, the minimum wage, dialogue with staff, the Iraqi war and business expectations, expenditure cuts, Employment Tribunals and business information websites.

BB-58 Collated March 2003
The March survey asks for your views on the upcoming Budget, car tax charges, average hours worked, policy on flexible working, risk of business failure, the most common motivation for starting a business, plus the quarterly trend questions.

BB-57 Collated February 2003
The February survey asks for your views on oil prices, the £, working up to capacity, cancelled orders, investment decisions, government legislation, drop in interest rate, competitive advantage, staff retention and women run businesses.

BB-56 Collated January 2003
The first Business Barometer of 2003 asks a series of questions on Customer Feedback and seeks your views on the impact of House Price Changes, New Product Developments, Seeking Reliable Information, Economic Uncertainty, the Euro, Sales and Exports.

BB-55 Collated December 2002
The December survey asks about pay settlements, investment in physical assets and in training, late payment and two issues with a Christmas theme.

BB-54 Collated November 2002
November's survey asks for you views on the entrepreneur, profit margins, holdings, borrowing, call centres, export orders, interest rates and how important is your point of contact at your bank?

BB-53 Collated October 2002
The October survey asks for you views on oil prices, employee rights, management, training for yourself and staff, government grants, 'road charging', crime and security, selling and buying through the internet and just what is your biggest time waster?

BB-52 Collated September 2002
"How you would use a consultant for a day?" And what of Trades Union membership, cost increases due to pension legislation, responses to increased insurance and N.I. contribution costs, Data Protection and, "Are you a family run business?"

BB-51 Collated August 2002
The August survey takes recruitment as its theme and asks for your views on skill shortages, sales to the public sector, government plans for flexible working, the EU Work Time Directive, interaction with local schools and expanding barometer coverage.

BB-50 Collated July 2002
The July survey seeks your views on the recent fall in share prices, corporate fraud, direct marketing, the use of CCTV, the use of consultants and issues around sustainability and the environment.

BB-49 Collated June 2002
The June survey seeks your views on inflation, intellectual property, changing your bank and sales to businesses and to end customers. The 5 core questions, now asked on a quarterly basis, are also included this month to allow an update of trends data.

BB-48 Collated May 2002
The May survey asks for your views on UK entry to the Euro, reflections on starting a business, accountancy, aspects of staffing, pressure of competition on profit margins and the World Cup.

BB-47 Collated April 2002
Following the announcement of budget measures affecting smaller businesses, we ask your views on the likely overall impact. Also included are questions on Cost increases, bonus schemes, Pay settlements, Business advice and U.S. Export orders.

BB-46 Collated March 2002
Senior government representatives are particularly intrigued by changing attitudes to investment and the Barometer gives us the opportunity to monitor this live. Your views on networking, postal deliveries and the issue of home working are also sought.

BB-45 Collated February 2002
This months Survey looks at the impact of Insurance cost increases, availability of spare capacity, and whether grants and subsidies influence investment plans. Aspects of the Internet, Broadband and ICT are also surveyed, plus our core trends questions.

BB-44 Collated January 2002
A Happy New Year to all and a warm welcome to our new panellists. This first survey of 2002 focuses upon innovation, trains, the impact of Christmas holidays and the incidence of illness in the workforce.

BB-43 Collated December 2001
It is claimed that consumer spending is sustaining the UK economy. In survey BB43, we focus on sales, stocks and investment plans.

BB-42 Collated November 2001
In the light of recent discussions on the Euro and the implications for business, survey 42 asks about your preparations for its continental wide introduction on January 1st 2002.

BB-41 Collated October 2001
In the light of world events over the last few weeks, the October survey sets out to assess the impact of increased economic uncertainty upon different aspects of your business experience and strategies.

BB-40 Collated September 2001
Survey 40 seeks your views and experiences on a number of issues including current talk of recession, recruitment issues, and questions on the turnover of computer and telecoms equipment.

BB-39 Collated August 2001
This month's Survey is looking at the impact on businesses of the holiday season and also enquires into two areas of recruitment - the ease of recruiting graduates and the significance of the age of recruits.

BB-38 Collated July 2001
Survey 38 seeks your views on government concerns that smaller businesses should have improved sales access to the public sector, and also invites your thoughts on the use of the Internet as a sales tool.

BB-37 Collated June 2001
Survey 37 asks about Pressure on Profit Margins, Holdings, Borrowing and Intellectual Property.

BB-36 Collated May 2001
Survey 36 asks about Investment planning and influences thereon, about Export orders and the issue of Security and Crime.

BB-35 Collated April 2001
Survey 35 continues to monitor the impact of the Foot and Mouth outbreak and also seeks your views on the slowdown in the US economy, hours of work, and use of external accountancy services.

BB-34 Collated March 2001
Survey 34 seeks your views on the impact of Foot-and-Mouth, 'Red Tape' and banking, together with the usual Trend questions.

BB-33 Collated February 2001
Survey 33 seeks your views on the recent cut in Base Rate, the removal of requirement to retire at a fixed age, Stakeholder Pensions and joining the Euro.

BB-32 Collated January 2001
Survey 32 considers three issues alongside the usual core questions, Environmental matters, Business News and membership of Trade Associations.

BB-31 Collated December 2000
The 31st reading of the Barometer, sought views on the use of Internet links in practice, on how to encourage greater participation in Barometer surveys and on investment plans for the future.

BB-30 Collated November 2000
The 30th reading of the Business Barometer sought the views of the panel on five topical issues: weather, trains, fuel, late payment legislation and expected pay settlements.

BB-29 Collated October 2000
In line with several recent surveys, Barometer reading 29 looked back at the present government's time in office, and sought the panel's views on certain aspects of its performance.

BB-28 Collated September 2000
The 28th reading of the Barometer, asked panellists to comment upon the recent fuel shortage and sought their views on 'influences key to a firm's growth'.

BB-27 Collated August 2000
Of the issues raised in EB25, this, the 27th reading, considered 'Skills', 'Recruitment' and 'Borrowing'. Also included was a question on paper based surveys.

BB-26 Collated July 2000
Of the issues raised in EB25, this, the 26th reading, considered 'Investment', 'Sourcing of materials and goods from overseas', 'Borrowing' and 'Government Legislation'. Also included was a question on use of the Barometer website.

BB-25 Collated June 2000
The 25th reading of the Barometer sought evidence of the main issues of concern to business.

BB-24 Collated May 2000
The 24th reading of the Barometer, sought panellist's views on government legislation, 'New Deal' and the 'Uniform Business Rate'.

BB-23 Collated April 2000
There has been considerable publicity around the issue of bank branch closure. The recent move by Barclays is part of an industry wide trend, which has been going on for several years and is set to continue.

BB-22 Collated March 2000
The advent of free internet access threatens to alter the way in which small to medium sized businesses deal with suppliers and customers.

BB-21 Collated February 2000
In the run up to the budget, this survey asked panellists for their views on various aspects of taxation and also the extent to which they plan to expand in terms of investment and employment.

BB-20 Collated January 2000
At the start of the year, and with the benefit of an expanded panel membership, the twentieth reading of the Barometer, collected panellists' views on the issue of regional identity.

BB-19 Collated December 1999
This survey was primarily concerned with identifying underlying trends in inflationary pressure and seeks to understand these better from the business' point of view.

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