The following is an extract from the monthly Barometer press release issued by the University on Tuesday 11th January 2005.

Businesses pronounce on striking a work/life balance,

Almost half of all businesses and business advisers responding to the December survey believe they fail to strike a work/life balance.

Workers in the UK put in some of the longest hours in Europe and take shorter holidays than their continental counterparts, with this trend being even more prevalent among more senior levels. The latest UK Business Barometer and UK Business Adviser Barometer, run by The University of Nottingham Institute for Enterprise and Innovation, revealed that just under half of those questioned believe their life is too work-orientated. Half think they have the balance just right, while three per cent of businesses and advisers think they are too focused on their life outside of work.

Which are the most effective management styles?

December's survey also provided an insight into business and business adviser opinions on effective management styles - an important factor in employee motivation and business success. Just over one-quarter of businesses (26 per cent) think it is most effective to be inspirational, while a further 24 per cent prefer consensual management. Target-driven was preferred by 19 per cent and 18 per cent opted for pragmatic as the most effective approach. Advisers, however, were more strongly in favour of inspirational (32 per cent) and pragmatic (22 per cent) approaches.

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