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Thank you for your contributions to the Barometer Project during 2004. This year, your responses have been quoted by DTI, Bank of England, SBS as well as in the press and other publications such as Business Adviser Development News, The Exwin Collection and Business Adviser magazine.

Professor Binks gave presentations on the Barometer Project findings to the Bank of England's Quarterly Review and to delegates at the recent ISBA Conference.

Some of the issues to which you responded are listed below:

13 Step process will make things worse

October's survey picked up on the government's introduction of a new 13-step procedure requiring employers wishing to terminate an employee's contract to hold several meetings with the individual concerned before taking action. However 50% of you believe that the new process is unlikely to encourage parties to resolve their disputes more efficiently. To read more, please click here

Red tape: Compliance and Impact

Back in February we asked how much compliance with various types of government regulation caused problems for businesses, and also how much impact compliance had on aspects of business such as developing new markets and recruitment. Employment regulations caused the most problems and the strongest reactions on aspects of business most affected were on taking up too much time, and diverting businesses from other areas of activity. To read more, please click here

Government Services

'Not keen' was effectively your response last July to our question on government services. 21% of you had no recent experience of using them, but of those who had, 51% were either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied and 33% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied. The three most important requirements for good delivery were thought to be: knowledgeable, competent staff, a positive and helpful staff attitude and timeliness of service delivery. To read more, please click here

Work based learning

In July, the Survey also covered the trend toward work-based learning. 90% of you thought this was sensible and 43% already host students on placement. A further 27% would like to do so, but the possible deterrent effect of the costs of placement falling on businesses was raised through the UKBB's free comments facility. To read more, please click here

If you would like to take a look at some of the other Press Releases for 2004, please click here to visit the 'Presspack' page on the Barometer website. Full Presspacks, which include further analysis and panellists' comments are also available on this page.

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